Spring Fever

Posted by Carly Pancer on 22nd Feb 2017

The warm weather is coming! It’s always exciting knowing spring will be here soon. Here are a few essentials for your dog to be ready for the weather change.

When spring starts there is always a chance of rain. Don’t let your dog be cold and wet on those dreary days; there are different raincoats to keep your dog dry, warm and remaining stylish. For those cooler, rainy morning strolls check out the  Fieldwork Raincoat. It is handcrafted from a waterproof nylon fabric with a Velcro closure to keep your dog dry all day long. Although at the start of spring the rainy days are a little chilly, it does start to warm up as the weeks go by. For those warmer rain days check out the Seattle Raincoat. This jacket is not only lightweight and waterproof, but it also reversible.

Once the April showers are over and the May flowers start to bloom the temperature starts to rise. The day time may be warm, but the mornings and evenings are still on the cooler side. The best way to have your dog ready for those chillier strolls is with a sweater. Discover all the options for  Designer Dog Sweaters; there are different colors to pick from to get into the spring spirit and not feel like you are still in winter.


Spring is the time of the year when you can finally just sit and relax outside without feeling too hot or cold. Not only do people love being outside when it warms up, but so does your dog. Sit and relax with your dog using the  indoor/outdoor dog beds. Our first reccomendation is the Majestic Rectangle Dog Bed; it has an outdoor treated polyester to with stand up to 1,000 hours of U.V. protection.  Another is the Wave Azure Indoor/Outdoor Mat.  It has occasional outdoor fabric that is water resistant and tolerant to sun damage. The Outdoor Lounger Dog Bed uses one-cell foam technology that allows moisture to pass through and decrease drying time. You will love being able to spend time relaxing with your best friend and they will enjoy it too.

Now that your dog is ready for the warm weather, put away the winter gear until next year.  Enjoy the spring time!