Monogramming: How To Do It

Posted by Stephanie Buell on 11th Jan 2017

Monogramming is a classic way to accessorize and personalize your life. Why not make your favorite companion feel included? We have some very cute options for a subtle and classic take on all of your dog’s favorite accessories. Not sure on how to pick out colors and fonts? Take our  Dog Personality Quiz to determine your dog’s personality and then pick what font and color reflects it best! If your pup is an Old Soul, maybe the Run in Circles font is his or her thing. Before we get carried away, let's go through how to monogram correctly. There are usually three options: one initial, three initials, and spelled out full name.

For the one letter option, it is recommended to use your dog’s first initial of their first name; for example, “Q” for Queenie or “D” for Dutch. A great example of a one letter monogram is our gorgeous  Davenport Monogram Bow Tie Dog Collar. It comes in three different bow tie colors and nine different font colors. This is perfect for your miss or mister!

Davenport Monogram Bow Tie Dog Collar  Davenport Monogram Bow Tie Dog Collar

Not sold on the one letter? The current popular choice for monogramming is with three letters. The universal agreed upon format is the initials as followed: first name, last name, middle name. For example, Dutch Hambone Smith would be “DSH” and commonly the first and middle name initials are smaller than the last name initial. Our  Snowflake Ski Dog Sweater and Jacquard Monogram Dog Sweater are two great options for your on-the-go pup.

Snowflake Ski Dog Sweater  Jacquard Monogram Dog Sweater

Lastly, there is the full whole name or full first name option in Monogramming. This option is more common on a larger surface area, especially for the “Duke of Wellington the 3 rd”s in the world. It is a great idea for your dog’s new favorite sleeping place, the Green Trellis Monogram Dog Crate Cover. You even have opportunity to match with the Peacock Quatrefoil Monogram Dog Crate Cover and Peacock Quatrefoil Monogram Dog Bed. These two are among some of the other stylish dog bed/crate cover combination options we offer. These are perfect additions to your lounging best friend's life.

Green Trellis Monogram Dog Crate Cover  Peacock Quatrefoil Monogram Dog Bed  Peacock Quatrefoil Monogram Dog Crate Cover

Now that you have our personal Felix Chien approved guide to Monogramming, what are you waiting for? To jump start your pup’s personal style, click on our  Monogram Collection and start browsing! You can truly make your dog unique with our many classic options.