How to vacation with your dog

Posted by Courtney Osborn on 8th Jun 2017

Whether it’s a one day get-away or a week long beach trip, make vacationing with your furry family member a breeze! Between packing, traveling, and enjoying your time off, you’ll want to make your trip enjoyable for both you and your pet. First and foremost, you’ll need a travel bag to carry your pet’s essentials for the trip and also to carry your dog if you’ll be spending long days traveling or walking around. The Quilted Luxe Rio Bag is offered in various different color options and functions as a roller bag, car seat, or backpack for your dog, to ensure ease of travel while driving in the car, walking around, or strolling through an airport. 

Along with your travel bag, there is one item you must be sure to pack to guarantee that your pet will look and feel their best during the vacation. Be sure you don’t forget your Dog Travel Set, which includes eye pad’s to keep your dog’s eye’s clean during travel, a spa brush for quick on the go paw cleaning, and a special moisturizer to nourish and protect your dog’s nose and paws in any climate you might face on your trip.


During long days of touring and adventuring in the hot sun, do you find yourself getting thirsty pretty often throughout the day? Your dog feels the same way. With the Wristlet Dog Water Bowl you are able to make certain that your dog is hydrated throughout the day. It zips open to a high quality water bowl, and zips back up as a fashionable wristlet that fits in any pocketbook, backpack, or tote. Also, when traveling through crowded, tourist areas there may not be wide open areas for your dog to use the bathroom. Never leave a trace behind with the Leather Pick-Up Bag Holder.

Lastly, at the end of your vacation day you’ll typically want to kick back and relax in a lounge chair and enjoy a relaxing evening. Resorts and hotels do not typically provide a place for your dog to enjoy some down time and it can be a big hassle to travel with your dog’s big, cozy bed from home. However, this Courtyard Taupe Luxury Dog Blanket will make a pretty comfortable makeshift bed for your dog. It is offered in a variety of different color options and is perfect for travel.

 Now that you and your pet are ready for all the travel and adventures that a vacation has to offer, have a great trip!