A New Leash on Life: Guide to Collars and Leashes

Posted by Stephanie Buell on 9th Aug 2017

The best way to let people know that you and your dog take fashion seriously is while you are walking down the street. We know the first thing people take notice to on your dog are stylish leashes and collars. Do you keep up-to-date on fashion do’s and don’ts, do you prefer to match the season, or perhaps do you just like a classic and clean style all year around? Felix Chien has a variety of sets that will fit your pup’s street style.

Season trends cannot be ignored, especially if you are your pup are fashion icons! It is easy to match your dog’s style to your own with our variety of in-style sets. We love seeing marble trending on phone cases, watches, and jewelry. The Carrara Marble Dog Collar and Leash Set will match your dog’s style with your own! Available in rose gold, gold, and silver hardware, this gorgeous design is perfect for trend-setters. We have also noticed the summer trend towards greenery! The Miami Mod Dog Collar and Leash Set effortlessly brings the very popular tropical palm trees to your dog’s accessories. Pair your dog’s leash and collar with your favorite palm-inspired swimsuit and hit the boardwalk! But if these patterns are bit too bold, you can never go wrong with the classic design of leopard. Timeless meets trending with the Leopard Dog Collar and Leash Set. Whatever you and your dog choose to sport, you will turn heads wherever you go!

Carrara Marble Dog Leash and Collar SetMiami Mod Dog Collar and Leash SetLeopard Dog Collar and Leash Set

Speaking of classic and elegant style, perhaps your dog prefers all-time favorites for every occasion! Whether cloth or leather, we have a variety of sets that are not only soft and comfortable, but stand up to the testament of time. The Rose Pink Champagne Dog Collar And Leash Set, is made from high quality leather that will soften and subtle over time. This gorgeous set blends style and function beautifully. Speaking of leather, another great option is the Martini Bowtie Collar and Leash Set. This high class design, offered in a variety of colors is perfect for evening soirées! Even so, maybe you and your dog stay away from the stuffy social functions and just enjoy spending time together. The Gingham Collar and Leash Set is crafted from soft recycled plastic for a more laid-back feel but with a pattern as classic as gingham. Whether you are dressing for success or lounging around the square, any one of these year-round favorites is a must have in your dog’s wardrobe!

Rose Pink Champagne Dog Collar And Leash SetMartini Bowtie Collar and Leash SetGingham Collar and Leash Set

As the summer winds down, it may be time to turn in the light and bold for the darker colors associated with autumn. The Cornell Dog Collar and Leash Set blends a summer pattern with fall colors! Dress it up or dress it down, your dog will look sophisticated and stylish on each walk. Colors and patterns aren’t the only thing changing this season; out goes lightweight fabrics and in comes wool with the Cromwell Pink Shetland Wool Collar and Least Set! Crafted from Shetland wool and quality leather, this combo’s fall fabric is perfect for your dog. On the topic of fall fabrics, the twill design of the Reed Bow Tie Dog Collar and Leash Set is another must-have! This dapper design is both sophisticated and classic! Whether you are opting for darker colors and patterns or heavy-weight fabrics, we have a variety of sets perfect for Pumpkin Spice Season! 

Cornell Bowtie Collar and Leash SetShetland Collar and Leash SetReed Bowtie Collar and Leash Set

Felix understands the importance of looking great as you step out the door. What better way than with a stylish new collar and leash for your favorite companion! Whether you want to peruse our entire Collar and Leash Collection or head on over to our Collar and Leash Set Collection for a matching set, we know you will find an accessory you and your pup can't live without!