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July's Dogs In Need Charity!

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At the beginning of each month Felix Chien's picks a charity to donate to and this month's is Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption! This charity is a licensed, non-profit animal shelter that works directly with high kill shelters to rescue and improve the lives of homeless and “unwanted” dogs in the Kansas City metroplex. Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption values the importance of proper pet care and works to educate the community with information and guidance on general care, vaccinations, spay/neuter programs. They rely on volunteers, fosters, and donations to keep doing what they do!

While they specialize in improving the image of and rehoming bully breeds, Unleashed doesn’t turn away any pup in need! They currently have several dogs, big and small, up for foster and adoption. Just head on over to their Adoption Page to find your new best friend. But we warn you, with names like Hurly BurlyLord of the Fries, and Hamburger Helper, you won’t be able to resist!

Hurly Burly  Lord of the Fries   Hamburger Helper

If you would like to help in other ways and are in the Kansas City area, Unleashed is always looking for Volunteers and Foster Homes. Otherwise, if you want to support the rescue in different ways, Unleashed relies on 100% donations to keep saving valuable lives. There are several ways to donate to this wonderful charity. If you’re looking for new pet accessories, a percent of every Felix Chien purchase goes directly to Unleashed. You can also head over to their Donations Page to make a one time monetary donation, set up monthly payments, or send in necessary care items such as cleaning supplies, crate blankets, and treats! Unleashed works tirelessly to aid and rescue dogs in desperate need of help. We are proud to call them our July Dogs In Need Charity!  

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