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About Dogs In Need

Felix Chien’s Dogs In Need charity program. Felix Chien’s charity program donates a percentage of our month’s sales to an organization dedicated to helping Dogs In Need. The charity that receives our donation changes month to month and varies in location, size and specialty efforts. This program also includes a percentage of our month's sales from our sister brand,  Fetcher Bay!  While shopping around for something that will make you and your dog happy, you can also feel good knowing that you are helping dogs that are still searching for their forever home or recovering from hardships of their past.

May Rescue: Pets Empower. PetsEmpower is a nonprofit umbrella organization increasing access to short-term fostering for domestic violence survivors. The team gives courageous domestic violence survivors a positive alternative preserving pet relationships at risk, through no fault of owners. They promote a seamless, smooth, and simple process allowing domestic violence survivors and pets to enter safe spaces as fast as possible to keep the pet bond intact. They leverage each short-term foster agency's best capabilities, ensure peace of mind their loving pet is taken care of and provide reunification, positive health outcomes, transformative community service, and corporate social impact. PetEmpower spreads love throughout the community via pet fostering and also provides volunteers and funding for a stable source of income to short-term pet fostering organizations to increase capacity. Their vision: a world where 1 million American domestic violence survivors preserve healing pet relationships on their journey to safety. Loving pets cease to serve as barrier to entry to domestic violence shelters. Survivors and their pets escape quickly and develop the tools for lives of freedom and dignity "Fostering and Reuniting Pets. Empowering Domestic Violence Survivors. Saving Lives." "Up to 65 percent of domestic violence victims are unable to escape their abusers because they are concerned about what will happen to their pets when they leave." (Carlisle-Frank, Frank and Nielsen, 2004). If you would like to learn more or make a donation, please visit their website here. 


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